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Bellydance Events in Wales

Stephanie's experienced performance student troupe "The Persian Belles" have been well received at many local festivals including the National Eisteddfod, they are available for Festivals, Shows, Parties and Events, please contact Stephanie for details. 

"All the requirements for a good night out; the Souk had a wonderful array of goods for sale from Belly dancing coins to kaftans. The tables around the room were festooned with scrumptious bite sized middle eastern snacks and the bar staff were kept busy all night.

Most of the ‘Welsh Belly Dancing Sisterhood‘ was represented with colourful dances by local performing groups and students of differing abilities, some who had only been dancing for four months, from various classes across Wales." - Wendy Issac

Each year I host Hafla's, (Arabic dance party) with a costume bazaar, DJ, snacks and bar. It’s a great chance for my students to dance for family and friends, as well as seeing performances from local groups and solo dancers.

On Friday 22nd January this in new striking and beautiful venue

Photos of last years Halfa are on facebook, click here please feel free to add stephanie as a friend.

Student Troupe

Stephanie also choreographs burlesque shows, for further information please contact Stephanie Tel: 07872 306745 email